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The effective, fast MAI Computer Code has been developed for computing of the aerodynamic normal force, axial force and the pitching moment coefficients of the slender cruciform configurations at high angles of attack ( up to a=30 deg. ) with control deflections (d = ± 20 deg. ) and free stream Mach numbers from 0 to 4. This Code is based on semi-empirical and analytical methods and correlated databases. The MAI Code has been extensively validated against available experimental data over the wide range of configurations in the high-angle-of-attack regimes. These studies have demonstrated the good capability of the Computer Code.

The development of the methodology and Code was performed at the MAI Department of Aerodynamics of Flying Vehicles, under sponsorship of the ESA Contract N 11100/94/FG HTG, Hypersonic Technology Gottingen, Germany. The authors would like to thank G.Koppenwallner, HTG, for his assistance during the creation of MAI software.



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